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ArsDigita Corporation no longer exists, but there are a few things worth preserving.

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ACS Repository

I'm glad somebody thought to do this- one can tell that is highly committed to their recent acquisition!

-- Tom Fly

Few files, necessary for installation, are missing

Great that you saved this stuff. We are using ACS-JAVA for 8 months and we like it. Nevertheless, I like TCL and have recognized ACS-TCL value (at least all RedHat CCM references are about ACS TCL). is not there. I found it on

What about OpenACS? Does it run on Oracle?

-- Stevan Markovic

Yes it does

Open ACS run on Oracle that is.

-- John Holroyd

Thank you

Just a quick note to say thanks for preserving this. Some of this material was a life saver in previous roles I've had.

Thanks again.


-- Paul Abery

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